Have you always wanted to go for a Hot Air Balloon ride near Springfield?

Hot air balloon rides are unlike any other aviation form. Even the launches are an amazing event to watch. Events for night glows are returning in popularity for Hot air balloons near Springfield. Hot air balloons near Springfield are very dependent on the weather which makes flights rare. Conditions have to be almost perfectly calm. All of our balloon pilots are certified by the FAA. With all of these factors, this is a unique experience, perfect for special occasions.

Want more Extreme? You can also go Hot Air Balloon Ride Skydiving.

Tandem skydiving is an extreme adrenaline rush and due to the weather hot air balloon skydiving launches are rare. Hot Air Balloon rides are an adventure all on their own as you float into the sky. Combining these two thrills results in a lifetime experience unlike any other. The surreal view from a hot air balloon followed by jumping into the quiet, calm air gives you a rush that you can’t get from an airplane or even a helicopter. There are no loud engine noises, there is no forward airspeed from the aircraft traveling through the air, there is only anticipation. Without the engine noise your mind focuses more on your surroundings. From the balloon basket you can see the full sky, the edge of the basket, and long drop-off below. Think you can handle hot air balloon skydiving?  Give us a call at 417-SKYDIVE (417-759-3483).

Occasions for Hot Air Balloon Rides near Springfield

Want to do something really special? Do it with a hot air balloon! They seem larger than life and even surreal. Everyone pauses to watch when they see a floating hot air balloon near Springfield. We generate attention every time we take the balloon up. Proposing during a hot air balloon ride makes the flight even more special.

Springfield Hot Air Balloon Ride Engagement

Want your engagement to really be unique? Propose during the flight in a hot air balloon near Springfield. We will plan everything in advance. The only thing we can’t plan is the specific day. That will depend on the weather. As part of the package, we’ll capture your flight and engagement on video. Floating above the ground, looking out at the amazing view, you can propose in front of the entire world. We do suggest that you don’t use the actual engagement ring, just in case you drop it. The thrill of a balloon ride combined with the excitement of proposing can make some people nervous. Balloon rides are also a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day or a just a unique romantic date.

Valentine’s Day Hot Air Balloon Rides near Springfield

A romantic balloon flight over the Ozarks is a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. This will be a Valentine’s gift that no one will forget. One of our commercial pilots will chauffeur you through the sky. We’ll also capture your experience on video. Between the propane burns there are long moments of silence. The sense of floating in the quiet air while looking across the Ozarks gives you a sense of wonder. Sharing this moment with someone is an experience of a lifetime. We can also tailor the balloon flight for other types of occasions.

Hot Air Balloon Rides for Other Occasions

We like to get creative with the hot air balloon near Springfield. We can come up with unique ideas for your gender reveal parties, life events, anniversaries, etc. A hot air balloon can make these events even more special. We do need to plan balloon launches around the weather.

Scheduling Springfield Hot Air Balloon Rides around Weather

Balloon Rides are a great adventure that we’re excited to share with others. Balloon launches are so dependent on the weather that we do not schedule rides in advance. We notify a list of ticket holders in the order of purchase when the weather forecast looks good. Usually, we are able to give 72 hours notice before launch. If the person at the top of the list can’t make it we go to the next person, and so on. At most there are only 10 people on the list at a time. Buying a Balloon Notification ticket gets you added to the contact list and includes the cost of the ride and video. After we do one last check of the weather we are ready to start the hot air balloon flight near Springfield.

Balloon Flight Rides from Beginning to End

The process of launching and flying a balloon can be mesmerizing. There are several phases of a balloon flight. As the balloon starts to inflate and take shape it appears to come alive in the wind. A bright propane flame brings the massive balloon to life. Balloons can be seen for miles. When the balloon is at lower altitudes people will come out of their homes to wave with excitement. The wind carries us to an unknown destination for landing. As we pack everything up you’ll realize that these memories will last a lifetime. The whole process starts with balloon inflation.

Inflating before a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot air balloons come alive as they are inflated and begin to take shape. First, we roll the bag that contains the compressed balloon off the trailer. We then unload the basket and lay it on its side. A gas fan is used to start the inflation process by forcing air into the mouth of the balloon. As the balloon starts to take shape we fire up the dual burners and begin to add heat. Even from a distance, you’ll be able to feel the heat coming off the burners. The balloon starts to lift off the ground and sway in the wind giving it life. As we continue to add heat the balloon rotates to a fully upright position and we are ready to get in the basket. Once everyone is in the basket we can begin the launch.

Launching a Hot Air Balloon near Springfield

With just a little more heat from the burners, the basket leaves the ground. As we launch the balloon we wave goodbye to people on the ground. We start to float up and away as cars, people, and buildings get smaller. You can feel the heat from the propane burners overhead as the balloon carries us higher. It takes a couple of minutes to take in this new environment. The ground is now a hundred feet below and the view is amazing.

The Breathtaking View from A Hot Air Balloon Ride near Springfield

No other aircraft can give you this open view of the world. You’ll have a 360-degree view of the world. As you look up you’ll see the beautiful colors of the balloon and vibrant fire from the burners. You can reach out and touch the sky in all directions. During the flight, we’ll take time to capture video and photos. We’ll extend the camera boom and spin the balloon to get a rotating view of the sky around us. In between the short propane burns to maintain heat there are long moments of silence. Floating so high above the ground without the noise of an engine gives you a surreal feeling. After some time floating in the sky we start to look for a landing area. Unlike other aircraft, the destination is unknown at departure. Part of the adventure is that we go where the winds take us.

Adventure of the Unknown

Part of the adventure in a balloon is not knowing where you are going to travel or even land. No matter how much we review the winds before launch we never know exactly where the winds are going to take us. Although we generally have a good idea of which direction we are going to travel. There is excitement and adventure in not knowing. We have some ability to steer by moving higher or lower into winds that are going in the direction that we want. Wind directions may change slightly at different altitudes and we use that to our advantage. Luckily there are plenty of open fields in the Ozarks to land a hot air balloon in.

Landing in a Hot Air Balloon near Springfield

Landing back on the ground completes the adventure. As we begin our descent into landing we start looking for fields in our line of flight that would be suitable for landing. And there are plenty of open fields to select. As we get closer to the ground we’ll see more people come out of their homes and wave at us. Everyone loves to see a hot air balloon. We’ll sometimes float over trees, ponds, and lakes as we make our way to the landing field. As we touch down the adventure starts to become a lasting memory. The final step is to pack up the balloon and load the basket into the trailer.

Packing Up

As we pack everything up everyone starts talking about how much fun they had. This brings our adventure to a close. Our crew will fold the balloon back into the bag and lift the basket into the trailer. If you want to be more hands-on with the balloon, our crew shows you how to help with folding and packing up the balloon. As we head back to the airport we’ll drive past the fields that we floated over in the sky. That is a view and experience that will create a lasting memory.

A Lasting Memory

You will never forget the experience of floating through the sky above the world. This is an experience that most people only dream about.