Skydiving in Missouri

Skydiving in Missouri

Flight Providers is southwest Missouri’s highest rated skydiving center. We’ve made it to the top by living up to our motto, “Come Fly with Friends”. We spend time with jumpers so you see the community and environment that we created. We aren’t just pushing as many people through as we can. We can provide a special experience to small groups and one on one training for people wanting to get their license. 

Our Missouri skydiving instructors have travelled to multiple skydiving conventions across the US, and to other countries, to provide training. Our instructors have been trained and evaluated by the highest rated designated practical examiners (DPEs). 

We’ve built an awesome skydiving Springfield community.  Many of our jumpers drive past other centers to enjoy our friendly atmosphere. We fire up the grill most weekends and eat together, train together, and enjoy life. 

If you have any questions give us a call/text 417-SKY-DIVE (417-759-3483)

“This has been the best experience of MY LIFE! Everyone here was willing to answer questions and made feel like I was part of the team.”

Brian Harrison