USPA Instructional Rating Manual (IRM)
USPA Static-Line Instructor / Assisted Deployment (SL/IAD) Rating Card
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Let us know if you need help meeting any of the pre-course requirements.

Required Prior to Course

  • Obtain C-License
  • Complete at least 200 jumps
  • Holds a Coach or another Instructional rating
  • Assisted in two Static-Line or IAD first jump courses
  • Assisted in training a skydiver on at least three practice deployment IAD or static-line jumps, including debriefing
  • Conducted four simulated or actual Static-Line or IAD jumps with experienced jumpers (B-License and 100 jumps) acting as students
  • Observed ground preps in Categories B, C, E, and F
  • Assisted in training at least two first solo freefall students, including debriefing.
  • Correctly taught freefall stability and basic freefall maneuvers, including freefall turns, backloops, barrel rolls, front loops, and tracking
  • Prepared an effective canopy flight plan and provided group-to-air (radio) instruction for winds up to 14mph
  • Participated in the spotting and aircraft lessons from Categories D through H (or equivalent training)
  • Made 10 jumps to teach and observe basic group freefall skills
  • Scored at least 80% of the question on the USPA Static-Line or IAD exam