USPA Skydivers Information Manual (SIM)
USPA PRO Rating Card
Let us know if you need help meeting any of the pre-course requirements.

Pro Rating Privileges

  • Identified as highly proficient and accurate canopy pilot
  • Participate in high profile demonstration jumps including flag and smoke jumps into stadiums and confined areas.

Pro Rating Requirements

  • 500 jumps
  • Make a series of ten solo jumps into a circle 32 feet in diameter using the same model and size of canopy.
  • All 10 jumps must be declared in advance
  • All 10 jumps must be stand-up landings within the circle.
  • Score 75% or higher on PRO rating exam
  • Receive training in ground crew, flag rigging/attachment, smoke jumps, FAA NOTAMs, and crowd control.