There are different types and levels of skydiving instructors.

Coach rating allows you to start working with students that have proven they can deploy their own parachute in a stable position. You’ll help them progress in freefall skills such as turns, forward/backward movement, and docking with another jumper.

Static-Line / Instructor Assisted Deployment (SL/IAD) These are actually two different ratings but the techniques are very similar. They both allow you to deploy the parachute for your student as they leave the airplane.

Accelerated FreeFall (AFF) is the most technically difficult instructor rating to achieve. This allows you to training first time students in freefall.

Tandem Instructor is the “Glamour” job. Every tandem student remembers their first tandem instructor. There are high requirements to become a Tandem Instructor including a D-License, 500 jumps, and 3 years in the sport.

Professional “PRO” This is not an instructional rating but it does allow you to do more difficult demonstration jumps with flags into stadiums and confined areas. Pro jumpers are highly visible to the public during demonstration jumps.