The first step to getting your skydiving license is to sign up for the Solo Jump Course. As part of that training we’ll explain more detail about the steps below to finish getting your license.

USPA Skydivers Information Manual (SIM) is the main skydiving training manual. It’s available as a free PDF or physical copies can be purchased for $35.
USPA A License Card This card will be provided to you during the Solo Jump Course.

A License Privileges

  • Jump without supervision
  • Pack your own parachute
  • Jump in basic group formations
  • Perform water jumps

A License Requirements

  • 25 jumps
  • Complete tasks on the USPA A License Card
  • Conducted five group freefall skydives involving at least two participants
  • Category A-H quizzes below
  • Written and Oral test
  • Practical test; right 360° turn, left 360° turn, backflip, and dock with instructor in freefall

Category A

Page 23 is the start of training for you initial license. Read pages 23-35 of the SIM. This should be a review of the first jump course that you completed at the dropzone.

Category A Quiz

Category B

Read pages 39-44 of the SIM.

Category B Quiz

Category C

Read pages 47-54 of the SIM.

Category C Quiz

Category D

Read pages 57-62 of the SIM.

Category D Quiz

Category E

Read pages 65-71 of the SIM.

Category E Quiz

Category F

Read pages 75-80 of the SIM.

Category F Quiz

Category G

Read pages 83-89 of the SIM.

Category G Quiz

Category H

Read pages 93-98 of the SIM

Category H Quiz