There are four levels of skydiving licenses. Each license has specific requirements and privileges.

A-License (Beginner): Requires a minimum of 25 jumps and allows you to jump at almost every skydiving center in the US (and outside US).

B-License (Intermediate): Requires a minimum of 50 jumps and allows you to start doing specialty jumps such as helicopter, hot air balloon, high altitude, and night jumps. Once you have 100 jumps and a B-License you can also become a Coach and start working with students.

C-License (Advanced): Requires a minimum of 200 jumps and allows you to participate in certain demonstration jumps and becoming a skydiving Static-line/IAD/AFF Instructor.

D-License (Expert): Requires a minimum of 500 jumps and allows you to become a Tandem Instructor.

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