Licensed Jumpers

 We are focused on making this dropzone a fun and relaxed environment for all.  Even while on the ground we continue having fun. If you reach a major milestone at our dropzone you will get pied! We grill often, host training events, organize balloon jumps, and much more.

Hop and Pops – $15
Full Altitude – $25

Dropzone rules:

  • AADs are required
  • Cameras require 200 jumps or a Coach rating
  • Pets and children are discourage. The airplane pulls right up to the hanger increasing the risk for everyone.
  • Expect multiple gear checks. If you are not comfortable with strangers checking your gear we can arrange to have a rigger perform all your gear checks.
  • Small field next to hanger is B-D landing area. Large field is for anyone to use.

These photos will give you an idea about the atmosphere we have built.