Skydiving is a great experience that we are excited to share with others. I often get asked about the differences between a Tandem Skydive and Solo Skydive.

Tandem Skydive  is great for someone who wants to have the full experience but doesn’t want to sit through a detailed training course. You’ll be attached to a tandem instructor that has a minimum of 500 jumps.  This is a great option for someone wanting to do a Bucket-list skydive.

Solo Skydive is geared for someone who wants to get more involved in learning and potentially get their license. You don’t have to jump tandem first. You can jump solo on your first skydive!

This is definitely something you have to try once. A lot of people come out to celebrate birthdays, graduations, bachelor/bachelorette parties, etc. Some people come out because it was on the bucket list and they always wanted to do it. There are a lot of reasons to skydiving and we can make it happen.