Balloon Rides

Balloon Rides are a great adventure that we’re excited to share with others. We never exactly know where the winds are going to take us as we float over the Ozarks.  We can take individuals or couples celebrating engagements, anniversaries, Valentines Day, etc.  Plan on the entire experience taking about 3 hours. The actual flight portion is about 30 minutes. 

Ballooning is very dependent on multiple factors, specifically weather.  As a result rides often get rescheduled.  Below are some factors that may cause a launch to get cancelled/rescheduled

  • Winds greater than 10mph.
  • Winds forecasted to increase greater than 10mph. 
  • Variable winds at any speed, even when less than 10mph. 
  • Recent heavy rainfall which can make retrieving the balloon and basket from fields more difficult. 
  • High outside air temperatures or density altitude that reduces the balloon’s ability to generate lift.  
  • Subjective decision by the pilot. The pilot considers many factors when deciding whether or not to launch. One factor is subjectivity based on the pilots experience in similar conditions. This may even be a last minute decision.
  • Because we travel with the wind we can’t make any guarantees about how far we will travel. It could be a short distance or cover several miles.
  • The flight may be shorter or longer than 30 minutes based on the landing options available for the direction we are traveling.