Interestingly Random 9-29-18

Let’s do this! Live each weekend like you have to go to work on Monday, and it’s going to be a full 5 day work week. And on Tuesday you have to do a birthday lunch for Carol, who you don’t like but can tolerate. Then on Wednesday someone’s going to call in sick and you’ll have to cover their work on top of your own. Thursday the coffee machine will break and Friday the sick person shows up sneezing and coughing all over the place and wants to have a 30 minute conversation at your desk. Anyway, enough reminiscing about future work week. Here’s Casey, Brandon, and Adam about to do some skydive stuff!

We had a beautiful view of the sky all weekend. You can always tell when the jump goes well because after landing Lukus plays air guitar for about 30 seconds. He pretty much does this after every jump and also randomly throughout the day. Weekends don’t get any better than this. Blue skies with wispy clouds over green fields make this an amazing place to skydive.

Pack it up and let’s jump again! Evidently my wife is the only one in this photo that likes to get things done. She’s half way through packing while three guys with unpacked parachutes argue about who has the longest swoop.

I don’t know what’s going on here but I’m guessing a lot of “I like your pants!” and “Thanks, I like your pants too!.” To be fair, those are pretty awesome! I think those leggings almost rival my fruit shorts. Casey, Renae, or Heather ever get the feeling that someone is watching you?

Enjoy your travel on Flight Providers Airlines! Other airlines not giving you enough seat space or leg room? We take out the seats completely to give you Extra leg room. Then we cram more people into the airplane to take up that extra leg room. Each person is allowed one carry-on bag at no additional charge. Enjoy cool air conditioning during your flight up to altitude. Any unruly passengers will be escorted to the nearest exit in accordance with our Passenger Management Plan. Have you ever seen anyone smile like this on any other passenger airline?

I don’t know what I did this time but looks like I’m in trouble again. That’s definitely the “You’re in trouble!” face. Or maybe she’s is a good mood, I can’t really tell.

When my wife does get mad at me she throws axes in a threatening show of force. Not just one axe mind you. The first axe thrown serves as a warning that the next axe could also go in a random direction. The potential damage radius expands significantly when she is angry. I prefer to think of the axe wall more as a constructive outlet for pent up aggression. And it’s also fun.

Just a few grown men playing jump rope with a cross-fit climbing rope. We were able to get 4 people jumping at the same time and tried for 5 but it didn’t work. Looking back it’s impressive that everyone walked away from this uninjured and still friends. Guess I don’t remember jump rope being as violent when I was a kid. In the middle of jumping @Lukus spontaneously turned into the Tasmanian Devil and starting spinning. Elbows and limbs went flying in all directions. (Casey, Phillip, Brandon, Adam, Nick, Lukus, Scot)

Stop!, Sonic Time! Ok, and now back to shenanigans.

Adam somehow gets stuck in the hanging harness and struggles to free himself. Casey and Heather find this to be pretty funny. I’ll have to check the Mouse trap this weekend but I’m guessing he was eventually able to escape. I’ll have to try harder next time.

Under that calm and collected exterior @Scot is taking it all in and making mental notes. They said that if you want to know what’s going on at a dropzone you need to talk to a packer. They are the eyes and ears of the industry. The keeper of records. The always vigilant. The eyes and ears… I already used that one. The orb of knowledge.

Typical swoopers, roll out of bed late, do nothing all morning, show up right when lunch is ready to grab a burger and leave again. They eventually came back later in the evening to do some jumps but didn’t have a good excuse for what they had been doing all day.

Well this is random. I would like to say that all of our skydives go according to plan… I don’t remember going over this during the dirt dive though.

The adventures of Woody! Woody has sat through numerous first jump courses helping other students by being physically manipulated into different positions. Even through all of that Woody picked up on knowledge, skills, and techniques. He eventually achieved his A-License! CONGRATS Woody! We’re all glad he was able “stick” around and get his license. (Jeff, Nick, Casey, Heather, Scot, Renae)

A-License stamp right on the forehead-ish! Go ahead Woody, sit on my wife. I don’t mind.

Woody enjoys the rope swing in between jumps. Sometimes the wind can be too high for student jumps. During those times we have enough other activities to keep people occupied.

After getting his A-License woody is able to go on group skydives with his friends! Awesome 4-way Relative Work (RW) jump. Woody is a little floaty though. Looks like he’s going straight to head down flying.

Smile for the camera!

Just another glimpse of our view from the sky. A sheet of clouds extended from the West and opened up just 3 miles from the airport. From this perspective the clouds provide an awesome backdrop during the jumps.

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