Scot’s 100th jump 8-11-18

Before we get to Scot’s dessert pie, I’ll cover a few other things that happened at the drop zone this weekend. Friday was beautiful all day until the tandems showed, and then it stormed. This is the second time these students have been rained out. I’m starting to think it’s them. I wish I could predict the weather. I guess “technically” anyone can predict the weather but I wish I could do it accurately.
Starting Saturday like a ROCKSTAR! Even in an airplane Lukus can’t escape the paparazzi. Bodyguards Nick and Steve running escort detail to an undisclosed altitude. From there Lukus disappears into the sky for a few moments away from his fans.

Our team does what it takes to get the job done. Chacy drove late into the night and arrived at 3am to get the exit shot of our first tandems Saturday morning. Videographers perform a dance in the air with their tandem partner. Less than 3 feet away traveling at 120mph there is a fine line between eloquent dance and a dangerous situation. Chacy and Steve have been doing this dance for a while and they know the music. They make it look easy while high-lighting the jumper’s experience. Capturing the experience on video allows you to re-live the experience over and over. More to come later on what Chacy and Steve are bringing to the drop zone.

Daniel was able to get a couple jumps in on Saturday with Troy and Joe. He’s making good progress towards his A-License. I can already tell that as soon as he does the graduation dive he’ll start working toward the B-License. I just love this strut cam!

With the backdrop finished we are one step closing to finishing the axe throwing board. Axes have been ordered and should be here before the weekend. Might as well buy some knives and some of those throwing starfish also. “I like things like this and I want more of them.” – Nick

Scot and Casey getting ready for some air time, and maybe that’s Steve’s hand back there.

This is one of our favorite jumps, the Ring Pass. Heather starts with the ring as Lukus, Brandon and Joe leave the airplane. The ring will get passed around to different jumpers as many times as possible. This is also a good skill building jump as you get swoop down to the jumper and get into position to grab the ring.

If you remember, Nicole sat at the drop zone all day a couple weeks ago and wasn’t able to jump because of the winds. She made up for it on Sunday making three jumps and did her practice pilot chute throw perfectly. A couple more practice pulls and then she’ll be deploying her own parachute. After that we start getting some free fall time.

And now, for Scot’s 100th jump pie. Everything started out innocent enough. Just a few friends sharing the sky with Scot as he makes his 100th jump. I’m glad I was able to fly this load. Scot has come a long way from his first jump. He used to be temperamental, negatively sarcastic, pessimistic… and now he also has 100 jumps.

Not many people make that first jump. Even fewer go on to get their A-license. So reaching 100 jumps is a major milestone is skydiving. Scot has been working hard on learning to pack and teaching first jump course. It’s nice just to have a relaxing jump. The wind in your face, sky to your back, and friends around you. You can see the calm look on Scot’s face as he reminisces on how far he has come.

And after you land from your 100th jump it’s time to celebrate with some pie.. and powdered sugar… and molasses… and grass… Congrats Scot!!!

This photo fully captures the essence of how this summer is going. You see people packing, resting, talking, hanging out, watching videos, etc… Everyone is having a good time. A full mix of students, instructors, sport jumpers, and friends.

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