HOT Weekend 7-1-18

This has to be the best photo from the weekend with Troy and Heather. We opened at 9am last Friday and ran loads all weekend. This photo was taken later in the day on Friday. Wind had shifted a little and jumpers had to adjust their landing pattern. Skydivers try their best to land into the wind. This slows their speed across the ground. When the wind changes jumpers may need to adjust their landing pattern in the air.

Definitely glad that David and Troy are able to help with students. Troy was able to get some Coach jumps with Emma and David threw a Static-Line/IAD student. With Static-Line/IAD training the jumper hangs from the strut of the airplane. Once they let go the instructor deploys their parachute as they leave the airplane. Or as we say, “throw a student” (out of the airplane.) This is a great way to learning skydiving near Springfield, MO. And apparently it looks like we are trying to cool the hanger by leaving the refrigerator open.

Scot is getting a tandem parachute packed up after a jump. He also does all of the video editing and creates the weekend review photo albums, tandem videos, and collage videos. He’s already starting to think about attending the next Xcelskydiving course to become an instructor. You learn a lot about different types of parachutes by packing them. Like cars there are different makes and models. Beginner parachutes are designed to be more stable and reliable. High performance parachutes are less stable but more maneuverable. They fly faster, turn faster, and dive faster.

This is the Walk of Confidence from one of the tandem students as they are about to board the airplane. Steve walks to the airplane smiling ready for another skydive. This was a fun and diverse group of students. One person from Russia, two from Ukraine, and two from U.S. They were a lot of fun. They asked a lot of questions and genuinely seemed interested in the the entire process. The more questions you ask the more you learn. Mean while Heather and Brandon practice their ballroom dancing in the background.

All of the jumpers are appreciative of Phillip, one of our new pilots, for getting them up to altitude safely before we pushed them out. He definitely has some bad golfing habits but we’ll see what we can do about that.

Yuriy, Mark, and Ivan came back to make their second Static-Line/IAD jumps. All three progressed well and seemed to have a lot of fun. Scot helps to gear up the students. Casey, Nick, and David take turns throwing them out of the airplane.

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