Come fly with friends at Flight Providers! We offer a professional environment and fun atmosphere. You’ll do more than jump out of an airplane, you’ll also make new friends. We are a multi-aviation flight team providing Skydiving near Springfield MO focused on Safety, Training and having Fun. Our team has a diverse knowledge in aviation and includes Airplane and Power-plant mechanics, Certified Flight Instructors, World Champion Skydivers, Master Parachute Riggers, and more.


Flight Providers is owned by husband and wife team, Nick and Casey. Skydiving brought them together and the business followed. They have jumped at numerous locations across the U.S. including skydiving in St. Louis and skydiving in Kansas City. “We’ve seen a lot of different skydiving centers and took the best parts of each build our dropzone. We’re known for our professionalism and fun atmosphere” – Nick

The full team includes experience that ranges from just a few jumps to multiple thousands of jumps. Team members have certifications in parachute rigging, flight instruction, and skydive training.

And we always have a good time! Skydiving is more than jumping out of an airplane. We eat together, travel together, skydive together and form lifetime friendships. The atmosphere at Flight Providers is more like a club or community.

“Great place to relax, meet people and have fun. Everyone here is willing to help you learn and make you feel comfortable. Nick and Casey are great people.” – Heather


Pilot Training

Flight training is generally divided into two sections; Ground School and Flight Training. They can be completed at the same time or you can complete the ground school first followed then by the flight training.

We recommend that you focus on the ground school first and pass the FAA written before starting the flight portion. This allows you to focus on one thing at a time. If you have the time to dedicated to both ground school and flight training at the same time then we can make that happen as well.

Check out our Events Page for upcoming courses or Contact Us for a personal ground course or one-on-one virtual coaching.


Our skydiving instructors have been trained by World Class Examiner Michael Wadkins  part owner of www.Xcelskydiving.com. Michael and Mercedes are professionals driven by a passion for teaching and a deep lover for the sport of Skydiving. Every year our instructors attend one or more of Xcelskydiving’s training courses.