10 Day License

This is our fastest way to get your skydiving A-license. We have very limited number of spaces available. The full course is $3,999 and takes you from the First Jump Course all the way through A-Licensed Skydiver in 25 jumps. The United States Parachute Association (USPA) A-License is the most recognized in the industry. With your A-License you can skydive at almost any dropzone in U.S. and even other countries.

Dates: This course starts 9:00AM April 6th and runs through 5:00PM April 15th. Any jumps not completed during the course can be accomplished after the course.

What this course includes:

  • First Jump Course ground school – Everything you need to know in order to skydive by yourself on the very first jump. We cover rules, body position, freefall, in-air maneuvers, deploying the parachute, emergency procedures, landing pattern, etc.
  • Skydives 1 through 3 are from full altitude of 10,000 feet with two instructors holding on to you. These jumps cover stable freefall body position, parachute deployment, turns, and landing pattern.
  • Skydives 4 through 7 go into horizontal/vertical movement and flips/barrel rolls with a single instructor.
  • Skydives 8 through 25 cover group maneuvers, forward tracking, canopy control, and the graduation dive on jump 25.
  • Throughout the course we cover additional topics including: packing, directing the aircraft, equipment, gear checks, and regulations.

Jumpers must be 18 or older and weigh less than 230lbs.

Refund policy: Payment is required prior to the course and there is a non-refundable $500 deposit if you have to cancel prior to the course. Once the course starts there are no refunds. If for any reason you are unable to complete the course during the 10 days funds can be used later to complete the training.