Private Ground

Time Flies, And So Should You

Virtual complete Private Pilot ground course with live instruction from the comfort of your home. The focus is to prepare students for both the FAA written and oral exams. You’ll be able to see the instructor, their screen, and the actual E6B when needed. Instruction and questions are interactive. Flight Instruction is also available if you are in the Springfield, MO area.

The next course is scheduled weekly on Wednesdays 6pm-9pm Central starting on 1/17/2018 running through 3/21/2018. All sessions are recorded in case you have to miss a class. Limited seats available. Registration ends 1/5/2018.

If you would like to receive additional information about the next Private Pilot ground school please fill out the Contact Form.

Sample Center of Gravity demo clip of the virtual classroom format.

Materials included as part of the course are:

  • Private Pilot memory cards
  • Flight Providers enhanced – Pilot Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (Highlighted for focus with additional explanation.)
  • Flight Providers enhanced – ACS Quick Reference packet (ACS outline with references to FAA documents and cheat sheets used during oral exam.)
  • Airplane Flying Handbook
  • Sporty’s Electronic E6B
  • Sporty’s sectional plotter

Virtual coaching is completed using Zoom on conferencing with audio, desktop sharing, and video communication.

Course Values:

  1. Memorization of key information that must be readily available to all pilots.
  2. Understanding of FAA documentation including CFRs, Airplane Flying Handbook, Pilot Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge.
  3. Application of skills to complete scenario based problems.

Course Outline:

Pilot Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (PHAK)

Week Focus Progress
Week 1 PHAK 1 Introduction to flying

PHAK 2 Aeronautical Decision Making

PHAK 3 Aircraft Construction

Week 2 PHAK 4 Principles of Flight

PHAK 5 Aerodynamics of Flight

Week 3 PHAK 6 Flight Controls

PHAK 7 Aircraft Systems

In Progress
Week 4 PHAK 8 Flight Instruments

PHAK 9 Flight Manuals and Other Documents

Week 5 PHAK 10 Weight and Balance

PHAK 11 Aircraft Performance

Week 6 PHAK 12 Weather Theory

PHAK 13 Aviation Weather Services

Week 7 PHAK 14 Airport Operations

PHAK 15 Airspace

Week 8 PHAK 16 Navigation

PHAK 17 Aeromedical Factors

Week 9 FAA Written Prep Planned
Week 10 FAA Written Prep Planned