Welcome to Flight Providers! We are a multi-aviation flight team near Springfield MO focused on Safety, Training and having Fun. Our team has a diverse knowledge in aviation and includes Airplane and Power-plant mechanics, Certified Flight Instructors, World Champion Skydivers, Master Parachute Riggers, and more.

Must be 230lbs or less. We will reschedule with advanced notice but do not offer refunds.

Skydive Intro

Our Skydiving division offers all the modern forms of training for any thrill seekers interested in jumping solo or getting their license. If you prefer to experience the thrill with one of our top rated tandem instructors we can arrange that as well.

Flight Intro

The demand for pilots continues to increase. A discovery flight can be a great new experience or the beginning of a new career.

Our Pilot Training program can take someone with zero experience and work with them through Private, Instrument, and then Commercial Pilot certificates.


Our skydiving instructors have been trained by World Class Examiner Michael Wadkins  part owner of www.Xcelskydiving.com. Michael and Mercedes are professionals driven by a passion for teaching and a deep lover for the sport of Skydiving. Every year our instructors attend one or more of Xcelskydiving’s training courses.


Let us know if you would like more information on Tandem Skydiving, Solo Skydiving, Flight Training or Discovery Flights.